Get ready for the Dance Adventures dance recitals! They’re kind of a big deal and an amazing way to showcase your little dancer! We know how important your child’s first years in dance are, so we are thrilled to give them a recital experience they will remember.

Your little dance star will showcase their talents in two recitals per year, our Fall recital usually occurs in December and our Spring recital is held in April.

Most Dance Adventure recitals will take place at an offsite venue and will allow your child to shine like a star during this one-of-a-kind production. Our dance recitals include fun and exciting themes, red carpets, photo booths, flowers, dancer gifts, dance costumes, and the list goes on!

We know time is valuable so we are keeping our recitals short and sweet to accommodate our on-the-go families. The performance will last 30-45 minutes and your child will perform four times.


Your little one will work on their recital dances for several months leading up to the big day so they will be ready and excited to show you all they have learned.

A recital fee of $100 will be charged on November 1st for our fall recital and on April 1st for our spring recital. This fee will cover your child’s costume, gift, production costs, and venue costs which will help make this a spectacular experience for them and you!

*If you choose to opt out of our recital, written notice is required by October 15th for our fall recital and by March 15th for our spring recital. This notice can be sent to 

*Please note there may be an instance where your child’s school has chosen to not participate in our offsite recital. If this is the case, your child’s recital will be held at their school and you will be charged a lesser recital fee.

Here is a quick preview of one of our recitals. We are constantly improving this production and are so excited to provide your little one with the best recital experience!