Please take a minute to get familiar with our terms and conditions.

Registration Fee and Autopay

All payment is done through our secure, online registration page. Each program has a monthly tuition fee of $63. If you enroll mid-month your tuition fee will be prorated and will be less depending on the number of classes your child may have missed. There is also a $40 annual registration fee that will be charged. The credit/debit card that we have on file will be charged on the 1st of each month, every month.

30-Day Notice

We would be sad if you chose to unenroll from our programs, but understand that everyone must move on at some time. We require a 30 day notice before we can drop your child from our programming. If a 30 day notice is not given, you will be charged a $25 early cancellation fee.

Average of Four

Your tuition charge is per month, regardless of the amount of weeks/classes held that month. Some months have 5 weeks and some months have 4 weeks. All holiday weeks have been factored into your tuition.

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